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Construction Recycle Plant

Dongmeng road and Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. crusher is usually used to crush concrete, glass, porcelain, marble, granite, brick, block, asphalt and reinforced concrete. Recycling concrete and construction debris is not only profitable for investors, but also good for environmental protection.
Construction waste



Construction wastes are firstly be transported to the crushing plant by trucks or by excavators. Then jaw crusher crush big lumps to small ones.
When the crushed lumps discharged from jaw crusher, the secondary crusher will crush them again until they meet the requirements.
Finally qualified ones and oversize ones are dived into many parts, and oversize ones return to secondary crusher for tertiary crushing.

Crawler mobile crushing station

Crawler type mobile crushing station

Urban construction waste is mainly the bricks and concrete blocks produced when the houses are demolished and the roads are renovated. After crushing and screening construction waste, different specifications of sand and concrete aggregate can be obtained.

Crawler mobile crushing site

Crawler mobile crushing machine

Concrete particles can be used for unlimited subgrade, farmland and woodland roads, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, concrete, etc., and brick, stone fragments or sand particles can be used for stone chips, road bases, etc. in sports venues, gardens and scenic spots. Reasonable use of construction waste crushing equipment to deal with construction waste solves the negative impact on the environment caused by concrete waste treatment and reduces the exploitation of natural sand and stone. The construction waste crushing system is divided into fixed type and mobile type, which are called fixed construction waste crushing station and mobile construction waste crushing station respectively. They are designed and configured according to different needs of users.