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Mobile heavy screening station


The Mobile heavy screening station is equipped with heavy-duty vibratory screening equipment, which can not only work with the primary crushing station, but also can be used alone as a peeling screen, which can screen up to three finished products. Using intelligent wireless remote control crawler walking technology, a single person remotely operates the upper and lower flatbed trailers, which can quickly realize the transfer operation.

Mobile heavy screening station

Applications :quarrying, mining, building demolition debris processing, surface soil treatment, material recycling and gravel screening, coal mine and aggregate screening.

The high-performance screen box can be installed with a variety of screens, including grate screens, perforated plate screens, grid screens, needle screens, woven screens, etc.

The vibrating screen can be hydraulically lifted, which is convenient for later maintenance and replacement of the screen. The angle of all discharge conveyors can be adjusted by hydraulic devices. The tilt angle of the heavy-duty vibrating screen can be adjusted between 13 degrees and 20 degrees by a hydraulic device.

vibratory screening  vibratory screening equipment


Model DMZS515
Feeding Equipment
Hopper Volume(m3) 7
Apron Feeder Width (mm) 1000
Scalping Screen
Upper screen area ( mm2) 1520x4860
Bottom screen area (mm2) 1520x3600
Max feeding size(mm) 500
Screen Box Decks 2
Screen casing inclined angle (° ) 13-19
Fines Belt Conveyor
Belt Width(mm) 800
Unloading Height(mm) 3630
Midgrade Belt Conveyor
Belt Width(mm) 800
Unloading Height(mm) 3180
0versize Belt Conveyor
Belt Width(mm) 1200
Unloading Height(mm) 3600
Bypass conveyor
Belt Width(mm) B1200
Whole Plant
Motor(kw) 93
Total weight(t) 33
Capacity(t/h) 500
Size LxWxH(m) 16x3.6x3.8
Size LxWxH(m) 15x12.6x4.7