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PEW European style jaw crusher

Product introduction

1.Widely used in the Quarrying and Mining industries, the PEW Jaw Crusher series utilizes a marginally smaller eccentric throw than the PE series, however the PEW machines feature serrated side plates, and a slightly different designed crushing chamber to improve throughput capacities.
2.The PEW units utilize a hydraulic adjusted double tapered wedge block system for variation of the CCS.
3.This allows for a greater range of settings and less down time required to make conventional CCS adjustments.

PEW European style jaw crusher


1. This series Europe-style jaw crusher has stable operation and long useful life. The discharge opening system is equipped with double wedge block to make the discharge size can be adjusted more easily and speedily, even if when machine is idling,it can be set to preset value in just a few minutes.With the support of hydraulic system,automation is realized,so the discharge adjusting system is more simply,safer and quicker compared with traditional crusher whose adjusting system adopts gasket.
2. It adopts big centrifugal force and high crushing frequency design,so the bottom effective stroke is very big. It can produce more fine crushing material with small discharge production than other jaw crusher.


Model Size of feed opening [mm] Speed[rpm] Power [kW] Capacity[TPH]
Closed side setting [mm]
100 125 150 200 225 250 300
PEW-4230 1050x750 250 90-110 180 210 237 294 350    
PEW-4836S 1200x900 250 110-160 210 250 280 320 402    
PEW-4840 1200x1000 250 132-160   265 302 370 480    
PEW-6048 1500x1200 200 185-250     415 520 580 660 750