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Zhengzhou construction waste treatment line, Henan Province,

Processed materials: construction waste
Daily operation volume: 200t/h
Supporting equipment: construction waste mobile crusher, mobile screening station, feeding equipment, etc.

Construction waste, a kind of common industrial waste in the development of urban and rural construction, if not well treated, will not only cause the waste of available resources, but also threaten the environment that people depend on for survival when it is serious. Therefore, the market urgently needs to develop and produce a kind of construction waste recycling and treatment equipment to realize the secondary utilization of construction waste.

Tyre type mobile crushing station

The construction waste treatment production line, the key treatment process of industrial construction waste recycling, is located in the processing and crushing demand of the demolition construction waste of the village in Zhengzhou city. Our company specially tailored this movable construction waste treatment production line for the user, which is mainly composed of the feeding system, crushing system, screening system, transmission system and power system, It is used to realize the fluidity crushing operation of construction waste.

mobile crushing station

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