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350-400t h iron ore production line in Panzhihua, Sichuan,

Place: Panzhihua, Sichuan, China
Output: 350-400t / h
Material: iron ore
Main equipment: jaw crusher and cone crusher、vibrating screen and conveyor, etc
Iron ore is widely distributed in nature, and is a very important material in industrial iron smelting. Sichuan Province is also the main gathering place of iron ore, so there are many iron ore producers, especially in recent years, the price is rising, more and more.

conveyor cone crusher

jaw crusher equipment
Customers from Sichuan want to buy an iron ore production line because of the increase of production scale. After multi-layer selection, they decide to come to Shanghai Dongmeng road and bridge factory to buy. Through online consultation, they contact the staff. According to the needs of the technical team, they designed the iron ore crushing production line with high automation, high crushing rate, energy conservation and environmental protection for customers.

cone crusher equipment

iron ore production line