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Philippine granite production line with an annual output of

The Philippines is located in the southeast of Asia, with the Bashi Strait facing the Taiwan Province of China in the north, the Sulawesi Sea and the Barabak Strait in the south and southwest, and Indonesia and Malaysia. The terrain of the Philippine Islands is mostly mountainous, accounting for more than 3/4 of the total area. There are more than 20 types of mineral resources in the Philippines, including copper, gold, silver, iron, chromium and nickel.
Output: 300 tons / hour
Discharging granularity: 0-5-10mm 10-15mm
Application areas: railway, highway, construction and other fields

This production line is mainly designed for the process of hard materials. Whether it is a mobile jaw crusher or a mobile cone crusher, it is suitable for processing hard materials. Large-grained granite is first processed by the mobile jaw crusher into small materials, and then passed by the mobile cone. The crusher is processed into crushed stone mixture. These mixtures are sieved into different specifications by vibrating sieving machine. Among them, the finished products are transported to the finished product stack, and the non-conformance is returned to the mobile cone crusher to be crushed again until they reach the production requirements of the finished product.

In addition to being suitable for handling hard materials, this production line has a great advantage in maneuverability. It is quick to put into production, convenient to enter and exit the site, reasonable in collocation, high in production efficiency, and brings more benefits to users. Users are very satisfied with this .