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500-600 tons limestone crushing production line

Raw material hardness: soft
Feed size: ≤700mm
Finished product specifications: 0-5-10-20-30mm
Most countries rely on the east, along the river and the sea, and are rich in natural mineral resources, among which limestone ore reserves rank among the top ten in the country. The rich ore resources have driven the development of the local economy. As one of the main raw materials of machined sand, limestone and high processing profits have attracted sandstone producers all over the world.
At the beginning of the purchase of equipment, many customers compared with many mining equipment manufacturers, and finally selected Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machine, and they recognized the strength of Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machine. After 2 years of use, they finally lived up to expectations. The 500-600 tons limestone crushing production line has created huge profits for customers.


Project Benefits

Our professionals have designed a two-stage crushing production line that takes the jaw crusher as coarse crushing and impact crushing as medium and fine crushing for the user's local conditions, and rationally designs the spatial layout of the production line, effectively reducing the production line footprint and reducing the user's civil investment cost; At the same time, comprehensively consider the problem of the site, use the height difference on the spot, flexibly arrange the equipment, optimize the design plan, and make the four words "suitable to local conditions" play to the right.

It adopts dry production design, but the production line is equipped with environmental protection devices such as dust removal and silencer, which can effectively reduce pollution such as dust and noise, fully comply with national environmental protection standards, easily pass the environmental assessment standards, and achieve a double harvest of economic and environmental benefits.
The sand production capacity is high, and the crushing efficiency is improved. The finished sand products produced are in good condition. The fineness mode is adjustable and the gradation is more reasonable. It is recognized by downstream users and the selling price in the market is increased to an average price of 120 yuan / ton. The profit of the sand mill is considerable.

It has been 3 years since the construction of the project. The production line has been running steadily, and the quality of the host equipment is reliable, there are few failures in the work, and it meets the green and environmental protection crushing standards. In addition, our manufacturers also provide accurate and timely pre-sales and after-sales services, from equipment selection, to plan (site) design, to equipment transportation and installation, to operation guidance, to later equipment maintenance and maintenance, etc. In one go, our client's stone factory will be on the right track more easily.