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Crawler construction garbage mobile crushing station

[Applicable materials]: waste bricks, waste concrete with steel bars and other construction waste, and limestone, granite, river pebble and other ores
[Production capacity]: 50-600 t/h
[Application areas]: At present, it is widely used in urban shantytown reconstruction, demolition of urban villages and construction waste disposal sites. It is mainly used to crush construction waste on site, and the finished products can be made into environmentally friendly bricks and aggregates.

Crawler type mobile crushing station

The crawler mobile crushing station independently developed by Shanghai DongMeng Road & Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd  is currently the best construction waste mobile crushing station. It is flexible and flexible, and it is easy to transfer to the site. It can go to the construction site at any time and treat the construction waste into recycled aggregate. Oil and electricity can be flexibly switched, which greatly reduces operating costs and achieves a double harvest for both society and enterprises.

Compared with the tire-type mobile crushing station, the crawler-type mobile crushing station is a kind of high-efficiency crushing equipment. It adopts self-driving mode, advanced technology and complete functions. It is not only easy to maintain and move, but also has excellent capacity performance.
1. Under any terrain conditions, the tracked mobile crushing station can reach any position on the work site. This can reduce the handling of materials and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment.
2. Through wireless remote control operation, it is very easy to drive the tracked mobile crushing station to the trailer and transport it to the operation site.
3. Because there is no need for assembly time, the crawler mobile crushing station can be immediately put into work as soon as it reaches the work site.
The use site of Zhengzhou Dingsheng crawler construction garbage mobile crushing station
4. It is more conducive to entering a reasonable construction area, and provides a more flexible space and a reasonable layout configuration for the overall crushing process.
5. It can provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer's material type and product requirements in the process to meet the various requirements of users such as mobile crushing and mobile screening, making the production organization and logistics transshipment more direct and effective, and the cost is greatly maximized Reduction.
6. The integrated unit equipment installation form eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation work of split components and reduces the consumption of materials and working hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the site. Users are welcome to choose.

Operation site of crawler type mobile crushing station

At present, complete construction waste treatment equipment such as crawler construction waste mobile crushing stations and other construction waste treatment facilities have been installed in Changsha, Hunan, Xiamen, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Pudong, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Gansu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhengzhou, Henan, Zhoukou, Jiaozuo, etc. Successfully applied in resource utilization projects and achieved remarkable results.

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